You Must Visit These 5 Restaurants In Bangalore If You Have An OCD For Perfection!

Food is not just a necessity. It is an experience that needs to be perfect and there are some restaurants in Bangalore that go out of their way to make it happen for you. LittleApp will help you take a look at five of them.

  • La Brasserie , Le Meridien – Being situated in a five star hotel La Brasserie has to be one the most posh one on the list. If you want a luxurious dining experience then this is definitely the place to go. With Continental, North Indian, Japanese, Chinese, South Indian dishes on the menu they serve you a lavish buffet. The soft music playing in the background and the classy decor are a treat to your eyes and ears. Also they do put some effort in making you feel special since most of the time the head chef is present at the buffet counter helping you in picking the best dishes.

  • Keys Cafe, Keys Hotel – The chic setting of the place appeals to the eyes instantly. Apart from that, the food here looks so good that it’ll make you want to eat even if you’re not hungry. With Continental, Chinese, and North Indian in the buffet menu you have a variety of dishes to choose from. Those who just want to go there for drinks should hit the place during the happy hours between 4 p.m to 7 p.m.

  • Aqua Grill , Fortune Select, JP Cosmos – Poolside meals are always a great idea. Getting to eat in fresh air and silence is a blessing for those who live in cities and that is why this place is a must visit. This is one place where you can take break from the city noise and enjoy some quiet time. Also with candles in the evening the ambiance of the place gets really romantic. So this is a great option to whisk away your partner to spend some time. Also, the menu is obviously a major attraction since it serves lip smacking Continental food and Seafood.

  • Infinity, The Zuri – If you are a fan of open air restaurants then you’re in for a treat. Located on a rooftop and offering you a poolside seating the place is a delight to visit. The elaborate menu with Chinese, North Indian, and Continental food pampers your taste buds.While it is perfect for every occasion, the entire setting and vibe of the place makes it an excellent place to hang out with friends. Combined with all this, with its quiet ambiance and amazing lighting it gives you a blissful dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on your mind.

  • Tiger Trail, Ramada Hotel – The first thing that captures the attention of anyone is that it is a theme based restaurant and the theme is Tigers. It is not just for the sake of it. The decor of the place is actually in sync with it, posters of tigers and quotes adorning the walls. Serving authentic North Indian, and Continental food, it has some interestingly named dishes like Mazedaar Bhutte. So that’s another thing that will fascinate you. With a very cosy ambiance completes the entire dining experience.

So if you are a person who settles for nothing less than perfection then these are the places that you need to go to the next time you head out for a meal. And dont forget to check out Little App for the best fine dining deals in Bangalore!

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