5 Cafes In Bangalore That Stand Out From The Rest!

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Everything in the world can be adjusted, from clothes to houses to relationships but when we talk about stomach, then compromise should never be an option. Hence, we bring to you a list of  some of the best restaurants, in town


1) Timepass Dinner 

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If you are looking for an inexpensive restaurant which serves just vegetarian food, then this is your place. Located on the 4th Floor of Bosco Court in Gandhi Bazaar, Main Road, this place offers a spectacular outdoor seating area. They only specialize in lip smacking North Indian cuisine and are famous for their buffets. The place is well lit with blue neon lights and small lamps hanging from the top, which give this restaurant a cozy feeling. However, this place closes early around 10ish, hence one can head for an early dinner or lunch.

2) Holy Flames

Holy Flames in marathahalli,Bangalore

This restaurant in Marathahalli has a mind boggling grandeur and splendid ambience. It savors to your north Indian, Chinese and Italian cravings. They also have a small bar counter which provides for a variety of cocktails. They are most popular for their buffets as the spread is lavish and exotic and the live counters have chefs preparing dishes according to your taste. They also have a chaat counter, which serves pani puri , papdi chaat and various other assortments. Their desserts are vivid and delicious and help in the perfect conclusion of a meal. This place is worth every penny you spend.

3) The Pipeyard café

The Pipe Yard Cafe in jp-nagar-5th-phase,Bangalore

It is a small café in JP Nagar which boasts off a Fussball table, quotes, and funky blue walls. It is cheap and has a large number of assortments of maggi , sandwiches, pav , pasta combos and starters. They have cute white high benches and sofa sitting area which adds to the ambience. This might be your place when you need to dive into a meal which is scrumptious and not so heavy on the stomach.

4) BITE & PIPES BITES N PIPES in basvangudi,Bangalore


Willing to spend an evening in the company of delectable food, perfect hookah, closest of friends and cold wind? Then this place is your answer. This easy on the pocket place with a friendly staff is going to act like your spa after a week’s hard work. Their wooden chairs, comfortable couches, and big cushions make for a perfect place to chill. They serve a variety of continental and Chinese dishes in good proportion, feeding your stomach to the fullest. This place rejuvenates you in an unconventional manner.


5) GUDGUDA PRIME CAFÉ Gudguda Prime Cafe in kormangala,Bangalore


This place is as quirky as its name, with iron chairs and wooden benches placed perfectly in its outdoor and indoor seating area. The place is the ultimate destination for hookah lovers as it provides amazing flavors at a reasonable price. Added to that, they offer crunchy and juicy burgers and mouthwatering Chinese food. Their staff is cordial and their ambience is quintessential.It surely promises you a fantastic time.
Don’t think much and rush to one of the above places for a feast!  Don’t forget to check out LittleApp.in before you head out!

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