Eating At These 5 Restaurants In Bangalore Will Make You Nostalgic About Home Food!

Nostalgia often hits you when you’re away from home. The memories of your home take you to back to that time instantly. For such a situation food from your home can come to your aid. So Little brings to you five restaurants in Bangalore that’ll instantly take you back to your roots.


  • South Indies – Bringing to you food from all the South Indian states, this place is a must visit for pure vegetarians. Right from the starters to the main course everything is just too appetizing. The best part is the filter coffee they serve at the end. The classic South Indian beverage sums up the meal in the perfect way. The place has a very simple decor and decent effort has been put to give it a South Indian feel. Outdoor seating is one of the perks of eating here.

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  • Silver Metro – It is not very often that you walk into a restaurant and find yourself awestruck by its interiors. But this happens when you enter this restaurant because it is actually designed as a metro.So if you’re from Delhi and you miss the Delhi metro too much then you need to head to this place right now. With North Indian and Mughlai food items on the elaborate buffet menu it makes you relive your days spent back home in North India.

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  • Village – The Soul of India – Villages are actually the soul of Indian and similarly this restaurant is the soul of Bangalore. Bringing the village culture into a city is a brilliant idea and that is exactly what you experience here. With pitchers, lanterns, horse carts, mooda chairs they successfully recreate the rural magic. Catering to people with different food preferences the buffet here includes Maharashtrian, Bengali, Lucknowi, North Indian, and South Indian cuisines. So if you want to take a break from the city life then this is one of the most interesting places you can go to.

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  • Zaica Dine and Wine – With authentic North Indian food the buffet menu is a delight for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. This place is also the ultimate solution to your cravings for the mouth watering street food of North India since it has counters for paani puri and chaat. As evident from the name of the restaurant you also have the facility of a full bar here. The reasonable prices are another reason why visiting this place s a good idea.

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  • Abhiruchi Hotel – Bridging the gap between north and south, this place serves North Indian and South Indian food. Non-vegetarian being a speciality here, this place is a must visit for non-veg lovers. Also, when visiting this place make sure that you try their Biryani. Along with quality, they focus on quantity as well. For a very reasonable price you get food that is filling. For a casual meal, this place can be a good option.

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Parting from your roots can be difficult and the daily stress of life makes it all the more painful. But with these restaurants you can feel at home anytime you want. Don’t forget to check out before you head out!

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