Just Broke Up With BAE? Head To These 5 Restaurants And You Will Feel Better For Sure!

If the night ended with ‘It’s not working out. Let’s break up” message, then you might have been up all night and probably skipped the morning breakfast too. Don’t worry; LittleApp brings to you some of the best restaurants in Bangalore which speak volumes about their food!


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Located at 9 major locations in Bangalore, RAJDHANI stands as a landmark for providing quality Rajasthani and Gujarati food. The restaurant gives you a glimpse of modern ‘chokhi dhani’ with huge thali spreads comprising of wide variety starting with samosa, dal, kachori, papad, curries, roti, rice, and chhaach. It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant which savors to your taste buds by providing you unlimited food at a price of Rs. 450 – 500. Also, they have a Tuesday special thali which comes at a cheap price of Rs. 250. Their thalis are the perfect pill for a broken heart.


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If you spent your childhood reading pirate comics and watching Captain Jack Sparrow? This place is for you. The ambience of the place makes it eccentric as the waiters are dressed as pirates, wearing fancy hats and when you look around all you can see is bones, ropes, and pirates. The buffets have a large spread offering various cuisines and they also have a Chaat counter and a live seafood counter.  Their non-vegetarian spread is huge as apart from chicken and mutton, one gets to eat octopus, rabbit, shrimps, prawns and different meat. If your idea of a good evening is a cozy place with a funky ambience and delicious food, then this is your place. The restaurant is located in two locations – Koramangala and Marathahalli.


Image result for ji hazoor restaurant in bangalore

This restaurant will make you feel like a king, taking you down the Mughal era with its royal lanterns, king size seats, huge deewans and bright fairy lights.  This place will challenge the gluttonous side of yours by providing you a huge menu of Afghani, Mughlai and North Indian dishes. They are famous for their economical buffets which have a wide bandwidth of starters, main course and desserts. They treat you like a king and feed you like one too. Head to this place to feel their royalty.


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Once you are done mourning the loss of your broken heart and hunger is finally striking you, you need not worry as Pot Biryani will stand as your savior. It’s based in 6 different locations in  Bangalore and provides quick home delivery of piping hot biryani and raita. Lao if you need a change from the four walls of your room, you can head to their outlet which has a small sitting.Their ambience is average but their biryani’s will take your taste for a ride.  They serve good quantity food at an economical price. Their chicken dishes are amazing,  especially their boneless chicken biryani.


  • Rasovara, The ROYAL Kitchen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image result for rasovara
    Missing your ex -boyfriend/ girlfriend? Head down to Rasovara to be pampered like a baby with their mouthwatering food belonging to North Indian, Rajasthani & Gujarati cuisine. They have an array of dishes in a la carte as well as buffet. They also provide special Jain food for people who are particularly averse to onion and garlic. Moreover, one can choose to occupy a table in their outdoor sitting area on a pleasant day or head to their air-conditioned dining area on a summer afternoon. To enjoy the different flavors from India, it is recommended to visit the place for brunch.

So collect your broken heart pieces, ring up a friend and ride to these places for a perfect pos-breakup meal! Don’t forget to check out LittleApp.in before you head out!

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