Eating At These Punjabi Restaurants In Bangalore Will Make You Go Burrrah!

In a south Indian city it is not easy to find restaurants that serve good Punjabi food, it is a tedious task. However, there are a few restaurants in Bangalore that are famous for their mouth watering Punjabi menu . LittleApp lists 5 of the best below:

1. Spicy House :

Spicy House in marathahalli,Bangalore

With North Indian, South Indian, Chinese cuisines and Biryani on their menu this small and cosy restaurant in Marathalli is a heaven for those who love Punjabi food. With just the right blend of spices they successfully recreate the Punjabi magic. While all their food items should be tried, their Punjabi chicken should definitely be on your list. The interiors of the place are very simple and the vibe is very relaxed. The prices are extremely reasonable. So you can enjoy a filling meal at a very less price.

2. Daawat e Pirates

Daawat-e-Pirates in koramangala,Bangalore

This place has to be on the list if you talk about Punjabi food. This restaurant in Koramangala amazes you in so many ways. The first thing that draws your attention is their interesting theme. This is a pirate themed restaurant. So the interiors are pretty interesting and according to the theme. Another thing worthy of praise is their lip smacking Punjabi food through which they bring to you the flavours of Punjab.The next time you’re there try Missi roti, Tandoori chicken,and Lahori Paneer Along with that you have a full bar as well. So in a way this place is a paradise for Punjabi food lovers


3. Apoorva Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Apoorva Multicuisine Restaurant in aecs-layout,Bangalore

The next time your Punjabi appetite needs to be satisfied this restaurant in Brookefield is where you need to head to. With the aroma of Punjabi dishes among many others you will be compelled to order a few. If you do then make it a point to order kadhai chicken and butter naan. You also need to try buttermilk. The ambiance of the place is pretty good too with a very simple yet stylish decor, perfect lighting, and comfortable seating area. The best part is that you get all of this at a very less price.


4. Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar in mk06-cunningham-road,Bangalore

With branches all over the city, in east Bangalore, south Bangalore, north bangalore, central Bangalore and other parts of the city, accessibility is definitely not a problem with this place. Serving authentic North indian food this restaurant takes good care of your Punjabi food cravings. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and what you should definitely try here is their combo meals. Also make sure that you try their chhole bhature as well. The prices are just right too and so is the ambience of the place. This makes it perfect for a casual meal with friends and family.


5. TreeTop :

Tree Top-Temple Tree Hotel in wilson-garden,Bangalore

While this is a multi cuisine restaurant, what it serves the best is north Indian food. It has some of the best punjabi food items on the menu like patiala bhatti paneer and dal makhni. Great food and a good ambience is what is the best thing about this restaurant in Wilson garden. Adding to the ambience of this place is the fact that is a rooftop, open air restaurant. So your experience here is automatically good. With a hospitable staff and quick service they take good care of their customers.

So the next time you crave for Punjabi food, these are the five places that you should head to for having a memorable experience. Don’t forget to check out before you head out!


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