The Essential Indian Street Chaat Guide! Have You Tried All Of These 10 Chaats?

Not cricket, not politics, not patriotism. Nothing brings together the hearts of Indians like food. You can belong to any part of India, but, you are a true Indian when you love food more than your life and that too Chaat. If you haven’t enjoyed Chaat at a roadside stall then you have been devoid of the ultimate joy of life.

While talking about Chaat, an image of delicious snacks with the best of ingredients and spices flashes before your eyes.

India is officially the land of Chaats. You name it and we have it. So LittleApp lists out the different and famous types of Chaats we have in India.


1. Aloo Chaat:

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The most common type of chaat, this is the ancestor of all chaats. By frying chopped potatoes and adding spices and chutney, the vendor creates magic with these few ingredients. Aloo chaat is mostly relished in North India, in states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.

2. Sev Puri:

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This one is a gift from the Mumbaikars to the rest of the country. It is enjoyed in Pune as well. Puri, diced potatoes, onions, along with sev and different types of mouth watering chutneys together make a wonderful combination.


3) Samosa Chaat:

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Samosa is a delicious snack in itself and then converting it into chaat is a work of complete brilliance. This chaat has samosa broken into pieces, garnished with chutney, and onions. Sometimes they add chana to it too. Again, this one too is a North Indian delicacy.


4) Bhel Puri:

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Puffed rice, diced tomatoes, onions, chopped coriander and spicy chutneys together make this appetizing snack called bhel puri. The best addition to this is fresh lemon juice. While it is usually associated to Mumbai it is enjoyed in various other parts of the country like Kolkata, Mysore, Delhi etc So, wherever you go, Bhel Puri follows.


5) Aloo Tikki Chaat:

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We Indians seem to have mastered the art of chaats. We can make chaat out of anything. If samosa wasn’t enough we made a chaat of aloo tikki as well. Breaking aloo tikki into pieces and adding the traditional chaat ingredients to it, onions, chutney and fresh, chopped coriander is all it takes to make aloo tikki chaat. This one too is famous in Delhi, Mumbai, and Uttar Pradesh. This is also sometimes known as Ragda Patties too!


6) Masala Puri:

Image result for masala puri

South Indian states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana are proud creators of this snack with crushed puris mixed with spices, green peas, sev, onions, tomatoes and masala gravy. Some might prefer it sweet but it is best enjoyed when made spicy.


7) Pani Puri:

Image result for pani puri

Puchka in Bengal, Gol Gappe in Delhi, Pani Puri in Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and GupChup in Odisha, this snack is loved by Indians more than anything else. It consists of a crispy, hollow, round puri filled with mashed potatoes, chickpea, onions, chutney and flavoured concoctions. Defining perfection in a totally different way this one definitely is a clear winner.


8) Dahi Puri:

Image result for dahi puri

Extremely popular in Maharashtra, this one is the cousin of Pani Puri.  It consists of crispy, round hollow mini puris. But these are filled with dahi (yogurt) chickpeas, mashed potatoes, sev, chutney, and coriander leaves. As you fill your mouth with dahi puri all these ingredients create a taste you can never forget.


9) Beetroot and Potato Chaat:

Image result for beetroot and potato chaat

Well, this is one different type of chaat. Beetroot is not something you think of as a chaat ingredient. However, this is where you’re wrong. The taste of boiled beetroot, boiled or fried potatoes create an interesting and perfect contrast with spices, chaat masala and onions. If you’ve never tasted this dish then go do it now. The best part is that you can make it easily at home as well.


10)Kurkure Chaat:

Image result for kurkure chaat

This is not restricted to any particular state in the country. It is found everywhere and can be prepared anytime, anywhere. You just need a packet of Kurkure and diced onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and sweet corn. With so much information on all the chaats you can definitely make this one by yourself.


Well, after this long list of mouth watering chaats from all over India all we can say is that bless those who have worked relentlessly for the creation of these different kinds of chaats, and have made our lives worth living. Before you head out, don’t forget to check for the best deals on fast food!

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