Did You Know: Naan contains Egg? Find Out The Truth Here:

One of the biggest conspiracy theory in the hotel industry is about the humble Indian Naan. We enjoy it with our Butter Chicken, Paneer Lababdar, and even Dal Tadka!

But many of us are oblivious to a major truth that EGGS do go into the preparation of the perfect, soft Naans! That’s right, sorry dear vegetarians!

Image result for adding egg to naan

Many restaurants, be it small or big, make it a point to add eggs to their dough for preparing Naan, this gives the Naan a perfect texture and also gives it that perfect chewy-ness that combines well with your gravy.

Alternatively, egg wash is also used to give a golden-brown shiny color to the Naan just before it is baked.

On conversing with Chef Abhishek Rai (name changed to protect identity) working as an executive chef for the past 26 years, he affirmatively said “any restaurant claiming that it could make chewy, golden-brown Naans without eggs was lying”.

Image result for egg  naan

Chef Arun Duggal, a Punjabi Chef with 20+ years of experience to his credit, added that “I’ve personally witnessed even vegetarian restaurants using the technique of adding eggs to dough because the end product is very visually appealing and it does add to the taste and one cannot possibly make out the difference unless they are very experienced bakery chefs!”

Chef Abhishek concluded by saying “If in doubt, it’s always best to stick to a Tandoori Roti or Chapathi as they are foolproof!”

So there you have it folks, the truth! Do think twice before you order a Naan from now on!

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Disclaimer: The above is article is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments, degrade any restaurant or spark any derogatory debates. It is purely meant for informational purposes!

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