10 Unique Easter Special Dishes That You Must Try This Year!

Easter is coming around and every festival brings with it the question of how to celebrate it. Easter Bunnies may be trying to catch the attention of children but that doesn’t stop adults from enjoying these festivals all the same. So what do adults do on a festival like Easter? Enjoy the festive food, of course! But if you have always wanted to celebrate Easter your own way and not the traditional, conventional way you were forced to celebrate it every year then here’s your chance. What better way to add sugar and spice to boring old traditions and make them unique to you than through food? Here are a few unique dishes you can make to jazz up your Easter menu this year while sticking to its ideals.

  • Breads and dip Easter Bunny

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This seems like a pretty traditional dish at first glance. But the focus here isn’t what you are serving; it’s how you are serving it. You are only a few kinds of breads away from creating your very own edible Easter bunny. You can use two baguettes for the ears, a round bun for its face and circular/ oval bread for the tummy-body area. These can be of distinct flavors too- garlic, parmesan, herbs, cheese etc. The following is the creative part of the recipe. Scoop out the bread you have chosen for the body and fill it up with a white coloured dip. This can range from an almond dip to mayonnaise to sour cream dip. The basic idea is to have a dip that can be made as fluffy and cloudy as a bunny’s fur. You can cover the other bread pieces that you use for hands (baguettes) with this dip too. You can even decorate the face of the bunny and add features such as whiskers and eyes.

  • Jellybean / Candy Nests

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This is a wonderful twist to your regular Easter candy. Since eggs are the major theme of the festival let’s now look at the little nests that hold the eggs we love so much. These nests are made from chowmein noodles and marshmallows. Rather unlikely combination. But when marshmallows get cooked with the noodles it makes the noodles sticky and toffee-like. These noodles can then be arranged like a bird’s nest in a muffin tin and baked. These little nest baskets can be used to hold anything including jellybeans, marshmallows, gummy bears and even tiny Easter eggs. They are equally delectable just eaten on their own but even more so along with the candy that is served in them.

  • Meringue wreath

Related image

Wreaths yell festive season like no other symbols. Just the sight of them can make one think about merriment and celebration. So when this merry symbol of joy, happiness and festivity is made into a dessert, the calorie count and spirits are sure to soar high. While this would require a base as a large donut cake, what really matters is what goes on top of it. A ring shaped cake, pavlova, pie crust or meringue works well for this. You can choose a Christmas theme of red and green upon white by frosting your base with white whipped cream and adding red and green fondant flowers and leaves or red cherries etc. You can even go for simple fruit compotes, berries, nuts, bows and for Easter specifically, candies. Lots of candies- gummy bears and jelly beans and even sour candy if you are a fan of desserts with a hint of sourness.

  • Baby Chick Deviled eggs

Image result for Baby Chick Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are obviously always going to be on the menu for Easter celebrations. But there has to be a way to make this delightful dish even better! And lo and behold here is the recipe for that awesomeness. The basic recipe for making the deviled eggs remains the same- but instead of cracking open the shells after boiling them carefully scoop out the yolk. Keep the shell of the egg intact. Continue making deviled eggs the way you would make them by mixing them with mayonnaise and seasonings of your choice. While serving these eggs fill them up in the shells of the eggs. Make sure you keep a small cap of the egg separate from the body. Once you have filled the egg body with the egg mixture, cover it with the small cap. What you will get is an egg shell with deviled eggs mixture in between the body and the cap. But for the final touch you add here are the eyes and nose of the baby chick looking out from under its cap. You can use small grains or beans for this as well as a snowman carrot nose.

  • Spring smoothie

Image result for Spring smoothie

With the calorie charts going bonkers during the holiday season you might want to consider adding some sort of balance of health into this menu. Spring smoothies are best known for their fresh flavors and their antioxidant-nutrient content. They are not only delicious and make the best use of the seasonal fruits and vegetables but they also improve your metabolism and add much needed fibre to a carbohydrate laden rich meal. The best part about these smoothies is that you can make them out of any combinations of any number of fruits. You can let yourself choose which fruits you like best or perhaps even chuck those you don’t like into the blender- you may not taste it that way. You can whip these up with berries, honey, Greek yogurt, bananas, herbs, coconuts, apples, rhubarbs and absolutely anything you can imagine. These would be quite unexpected too because nobody would expect a spring smoothie on a traditional menu.

  • Carrot cupcakes

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Skip the vanilla and chocolate tried and tested combinations and try your hand at carrot cupcakes. Carrots add a moist and caramelized quality to the cake and instead of making it dense they actually make them airy and fluffy. These delightful cupcakes can be paired with cream cheese frosting or butter cream frosting and even chocolate glazes. While sticking to the theme of Easter you can make nest cupcakes out of these. Using sugar syrup you can make cotton candy- like straws of sugar which when arranged in a haphazard manner make an adorable little nest on top of your frosting. You can even add a jellybean or two to add to the nest-like frosting. Glazed or caramelized baby carrots are also a wonderful topping for this unconventional cupcake.

  • Mini Hassleback Potatoes

Image result for Mini Hasselback Potatoes

This will probably be the most hassle free recipe on this list and not just because of the name. In the spirit of Easter you can use mini potatoes or baby potatoes that resemble eggs. Make several cuts on the outer layer of the potatoes and then add them to a baking tin with butter/ oil and seasonings. It is important that they are upside down for this which is where the cuts are and later you can turn them. Most of your work is taken care of by the oven and you have a wonderful side to serve with your breads and eggs. You can make variations in the spices you use- Cajun spice or pepper or even cheese-garlic seasonings on the potatoes when they are getting baked.

  • Hot cross buns

Image result for Hot cross buns

They most certainly had to make the list but not in the way that you may have anticipated. Today hot cross buns have come a long way from being only buns with a cross on them. They are available in several flavors- apple-cinnamons, bacon, cheese, nuts, toffee and caramel, Belgian chocolate etc. You can either buy these readymade or buy plain buns and go crazy combining them with sweet and savoury treats this Easter.

  • Chick-a-tea sandwiches

Image result for Chick-a-tea sandwiches

These tiny sandwiches are as adorable as they are yummy. It is a twist on your regular cheese sandwich. After putting a slice of cheese between two slices of bread, use an egg shaped cutter to cut it out in the shape of an egg. Now using a knife cut the top layer of bread in a zigzag fashion to look like a broken eggshell. If you use a yellow cheese slice it will further add to its look as a chick. You can go crazy with the decorations on the top of cheese to make it look like a chick’s head popping out of the eggshell. You can use bits of carrot for the nose, small beans for eyes etc. One thing is for sure- it will be very hard to devour these adorable sandwiches.

  • Customized Eggs

Image result for Customized Eggs

This is the true test of your creativity and imagination. Making a big Easter egg for lots of little ones or candy is quite commonplace. But you can bring innovation into the most ordinary things. You can make the egg edible by creating it with pie or puff pastry. You could make a cake in the shape of an egg and scoop it out as well. Chocolate ganache or fondue could make an edible egg that you can fill with multitudes of options like cheesecake stuffing, berries, chocolate lava that spills out when you break the shell, red velvet crumbles, fruit fools etc. There is no egg that is better or more suitable for the occasion than the other. If you have decided to celebrate eggs on this Easter day then there is no better way to do that than to focus on this special part of the festival.

These are a few among several variations you could make with regards to your Easter menu this year and most of these are whipped up in a jiffy! With these on your table you can be sure that you will have yourself a wonderful Easter.

Team LittleApp wishes everyone a Happy Easter!

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