Eating At These 5 Restaurants In Bangalore Will Make Your Day!!!

Since times immemorial, playing studying or working daily has never really mattered as much as eating daily… it is almost as if our days our incomplete without food! In Reality everything about food is fascinating, stomach filling and finger licking delicious and these five below mentioned Restaurants, give food the power to make your day and be more than just daily routine! Little brings to you 5 restaurants where the food will make your day for sure!

Tree Top-Temple Tree Hotel:

Tree Top-Temple Tree Hotel in wilson-garden,Bangalore

A hotel that serves its consumers a peaceful bliss with free breakfast & foot massages, plus amenities like a spa, a gym & the rooftop restaurant that offers you a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. The cleanliness here along with the spectacular city and garden view offered by Tree Top Temple Tree is all you could ask for!


NAGA'S in phoenix-marketcity-mall,Bangalore

The Naga Chef know for its lovely rich food and famous as the NAGA’S is an amazing cozy place in Bangalore to taste the authentic food from North Eastern part of country – Nagaland. Great Ambience, reasonable prices convenient location make this a wise pick.

Biryani flames:

Biryani Flames in marathahalli,Bangalore

If you’re a Biryani lover you probably already know why half the world revolves around this Royal spiced Indian dish! At Biryani flames they offer every type of Biryani and contemporary Chinese cuisine which seldom fail to please your taste buds!

Spicy house:

Image result for biryani

With a goal to serve your appetite and satisfy your heart Spicy house, an Andhra style family restaurant always wants to make your day by providing you with amazing food that you’re always gonna have a tooth for!

Dr sheesha @nh7:

Dr Sheesha in singasandra,Bangalore

This place has an amazing vibe with cool, fun music and delicious food that can make your day almost always! A fab place to hangout with your friends and just have a some chill time with good alcohol, hookah and yummy food!

So get going to these restaurants to enjoy and make the most of your time with your special ones! Dont forget to check out before you head out!

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