Broke Already? These 5 Cheap Eats In Bangalore Will Surely Help You Out!

Stomach Friendly food at pocket-friendly rates, isn’t that what all of us dream of? Well, this list of 5 restaurants by LittleApp that satisfy the desires of your stomach and pocket is all you have to know!

Meghana Foods:

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Meghana Foods famously known as Meghana Biryani in Bangalore is one such place that offers you brilliant biryani with authentic Indian taste of blending spices that you’re sure to love at reasonable rates… About Rs. 750 for an average eating family of four.

Wow momo:

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You’re definitely spoilt for choices at this stall as it offers several intriguing combinations of the traditional momo, and modernized contemporary dishes like the momo sizzlers and the chicken momo burger the chocolate momos, well, try it and find out because they are in the range of 100-250 and are extremely enjoyable!

New Gongura’s:

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This restaurant chain is dedicated to offering good quality food at affordable rates and what more do you want! The amazing Indian cuisine giving you a home like feeling and pampering your food cravings!

Apoorva Multi Cuisine Restaurant:

Image result for Apoorva Multi Cuisine Restaurant:

With a variety of options to choose from Apoorvas is a great option to satiate your rates for a multi-cuisine diet in less than Rs400 for a filling meal! There are absolutely no reasons why you shouldn’t head here!


Image result for nandas hsr

Nanda’s is one Restaurant worth a visit. Nanda’s serves North Indian, Chinese, and Andhra cuisinItst’s aim is to provide friendly service along with assorted delicacies that will leave your heart and stomach full! Ohh and don’t worry they consider your need for money value pretty well and offer decent affordable rates!

Even if you’ve run out of extra money you will never run out of good food if you know this list by LittleApp well!


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    We would love to try out these eateries, as we always have some sort of money crunch 🙂

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