These 10 Freakshakes Will Definitely Make You Drool!

Summers can be a pain. With temperatures soaring as high as 40 degrees people are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves cool. But even in all this heat if there’s one thing that brings joy. that is milkshakes. However they are old news now. The latest ones on the block are Freakshakes, a better version of milkshakes with added cream, cookie chunks, and cake pieces. Basically they are the ultimate treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Little brings to you a list of the 10 best freakshakes in India. Enjoy:


  • RED VELVET FREAKSHAKE – Move over red velvet cakes because this is the new thing. Vanilla ice cream, milk, and cream blend with red velvet sponge to make this amazing Freakshake.

    Where: 145, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 
    Cost: Rs. 230

Image result for RED VELVET FREAKSHAKE kala ghoda

  • COFFEE FREAKSHAKE – This freakshake that is every coffee lover’s dream. With, dark shades of chocolate streaking the light hues of coffee, this creamy, thick shake is a topped with colourful gems and a chocolate ice cream.

    Where: Flava, the Rao Hotel in Mumbai
    Cost: Rs. 180

Image result for COFFEE FREAKSHAKE flava mumbai

  • THE MELBOURNE FREAKSHAKE – Served at Coffee by Di Bella, Mumbai, this one is straight from Australia. It has endless ingredients that perfectly complement each other. Chocolate milkshake with chocolate ganache, rich cream, dark chocolate pearls, chocolate sticks, Oreo’s and Aussie waffles together make this magical freakshake.

    Where: Di Bella, Mumbai
    Cost: Rs. 350

Image result for THE MELBOURNE FREAKSHAKE di bella mumbai

  • CHOCO FERVOR – To taste this one you will have to come up north to Delhi. Made with Nutella mousse, chocolate cookies and lots of cream. You can have this shake which is nothing less than pure bliss.

    Where: Shake It Up, Pitampura, Delhi
    Cost: Rs. 230 

Image result for choco fervor Shake It Up, Pitampura, Delhi

  • BANO FREAK – Taking a break from the usual chocolate based freak shakes this one is a fresh change. Banana, caramel, vanilla pound cake, and butterscotch crunch in this freakshake give you a taste that you will remember forever.

    Where: The Feast House, Karol Bagh, Delhi
    Cost: Rs. 300.

Image result for Banana, caramel, vanilla pound cake, and butterscotch crunch freakshake


  • CHOCO BROWNIE CRUMBLE – Well, this one is all about chocolate. Chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate sauce and it doesn’t end here. It has whipped cream and chocolate chunks on the top as well.

    Where: ThickShake Factory, Bangalore
    Cost: Rs.140

    Image result for choco browine crumble freakshake

  • PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY FREAKSHAKE – This super heavy freakshake gives an interesting twist to the normal freakshakes. Along with the usual whipped cream, and chocolate wafer stick it has some unusual ingredients like sesame laddoo, peanut chikki, and a sesame encrusted chocolate slab. All of this makes it a challenge for you to finish it.

    Where: Ministry of Pizza in Koramangala, Bangalore, 
    Cost: Rs.195


  • BIG BANG – You will have to move further north to the beautiful city of Chandigarh to taste this masterpiece. This minty, chocolaty and biscuity shake is heaven!

    Where: Super Donut, Chandigarh
    Cost: Rs. 300

Image result for freakshaek

  • THE RAASTA OREO WALNUT BROWNIE FREAKSHAKE – The Raasta Cafe in Pune is home to this creamy chocolate freakshake that has choco vanilla cookies, whipped cream, roasted walnut brownies, chocolate syrup topped with fresh strawberries. Take a scoop of this freakshake and experience the ingredients just melting in your mouth .

    Where: Raasta Cafe in Pune
    Cost:  Rs.240

Image result for oreao freakshaek

  • NUTELLA GREEDY SHAKE – Whipped cream, Kit Kats, fudge bars, Ice cream scoops, cookies, choco popsicles, chocolate ganache will definitely make you greedy for this shake. This gooey freakshake will make you forget everything you ever tasted.

    Where: Greedy Man Pizzeria in Pune, 
    Cost: Rs. 350.

Image result for nutella freakshaek

So instead of complaining about the heat beating down on you, it is time to make the most of this summer. Go out and try these amazing freak shakes that are a boon to mankind. Don’t forget to check out before you head out!

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