Ditch The Boring Vanilla, Strawberry, And Chocolate! These 8 Offbeat Ice Creams Are Trending In India!


In the season of summer or even all year round, Ice-creams trigger our taste buds by always being around. Everything in our world gradually keeps changing so why keep ourselves hidden beneath usual from the pure feeling of ecstasy that these 8 Unusual Flavors of Ice-cream bring to us!

So this time, ditch the strawberry, chocolate, and Vanilla in favor of something more unusual-yet-delicious. So Little brings to you a list of 8 such unusual amazing ice-creams in India.

1) Gadbad:

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Summer is all about ice creams, fruit juices, fruit salads, coolers and fresh seasonal fruits. But what about an ice-cream recipe that has all of these in one delightful dessert dish? The famous Gadbad ice-cream is very popular in coastal area of Karnataka, originally from Udupi-Mangalore, this dish is one mouthful or should I say stomach full. It is the Ideal ice-cream to gobble down this heavenly delight.

Where: Ideal Ice Cream, Mangalore

Cost: Rs80

2)Pumpkin ice cream:Image result for Pumpkin ice cream:


Vegetables have crossed over into the realm of desserts and a noteworthy example of this is pumpkin ice cream. If you love pumpkin, try this dessert with a tinge of spice. A blend of pumpkin puree, cream, sugar, powdered cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract. Garnished with a salty caramel sauce. This one dish is the best form of pumpkin!

Where: Big Basket Stores

Cost: Rs100

3) Guava Chilli Ice Cream

Image result for guava chilliice-cream:+

It’s a guava ice cream served with red chilly powder as a topping. Such an amazing creation we say! Something that heats you up and cools you down simultaneously!

Where: Rajmandir Ice Cream, Kothrud, Pune

Cost: Rs 40

4) Green Tea Ice Cream:

Image result for Green Tea Ice Cream:

With green tea being so popular owing to its health benefits, it’s no surprise that the beverage has also found its way into ice cream. It’s a very refreshing and healthy dessert. Green tea (matcha) ice cream is rejuvenating and is apt after a pan-Asian meal. To make it, all you need is milk, green tea (matcha) powder, heavy cream, egg yolks and sugar.

Where: Kenilworth Shopping Arcade (Linking Road, Bandra), Mumbai, Maharashtra

Cost: Rs200

5) Tender Coconut ice-cream:

Image result for natural coconut icecream

This one is a darling. So amazing with coconut power ! Topped with Honey for a special twist this is the best to avoid health issues a keep your body and taste buds Happy!

Where: Naturals(The Ice Cream shop chain)

Cost: Rs 60

6) Pomegranate ice-cream:

Image result for pomograente icecream

Pomegranate is a nutritionally-rich fruit, great for boosting immunity. Now, add it to your ice cream for a nice, tarty flavour, perfect to beat the heat. You need heavy cream, icing sugar, frozen or fresh strawberries, pomegranate juice, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Blend the strawberries, sugar and pomegranate juice. Add the cream to this. Stir and freeze. Place it in an airtight container in your freezer for a few hours. Add pomegranate seeds on top while serving. To garnish, add a cinnamon stick or sprigs of mint on the side.

Where: Ganesh Ice-cream’s, Kosapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Cost: Rs 80/100

7) Masala Chai Ice Cream

Freshly brewed and swirled, it’s like eating tea out of a bowl. Consisting of hints of spices and the aromatic fragrance of tea, along with an irrestible blend of cardamon, pepper & ginger; So refreshing!

Where: Azote, SDA, Delhi

Cost: Rs100

Another weird ice cream that has traveled from abroad is

8) Caviar ice-cream:

Image result for Caviar ice-cream:

A French ice cream group maintains that this has 60% white sturgeon caviar. Quite a pricey, gourmet delight, we are sure!

Where: BKC, Mumbai

Cost: Rs 200/350

So if you are ready for change and ready to knock down heat, then hurry and try these amazing ice-creams, that you can prepare at home too! Don’t forget to check out Littleapp.in for the best deals on desserts and ice creams.


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