Eat At The World’s Highest Cafe, Underwater Or In A Moving Bus In India! Click Here To Find Out HOW!

Work, traffic, family issues and what not, when the grind of daily life gets to you there is food and entertainment that keeps you sane. It is the excitement of trying something new that gives you an escape from the regular mundane routine. Combining food with entertainment is an interesting way to do this and there are a few restaurants across India that master at this art.

Here is a list of five such restaurants for you by Little:



Image result for 1) RINCHEN CAFETERIA:

 The picturesque landscape of Ladakh hides a gem in its lap and that is the Rinchen Cafe. Named after Col. Rinchen, this is the world’s highest cafe at the height of 18,380 ft. Maggi, tea, momos and so much more is served here by army officers. You can not help but marvel at the fact that the hands that so skilfully hold a gun serve such delicious food. While the interiors of the cafe reflect the discipline of army life through various army quotes, the breathtaking view outside gives you a glimpse of the beauty of Ladakh.



Related image

 Yes, you read that right, a floating restaurant. Set up by villagers of Veli in Kerala, this restaurant is actually built on a lake. In fact, the entire village is constructed beautifully on a lake. Not just that in order to reach the restaurant you need to cross floating bridges as well. The food served here is made from the local produce. Taking a break from the usual tourist spots in Kerala you definitely have to stop by this place.



Image result for 3) THE REAL POSEIDON:

 From mountain tops we now go underwater.  We are talking about India’s first underwater restaurant that is located in Ahmedabad. Spread over 3000 sq ft., this restaurant is built 20 ft. below the ground.  Appearing like any other normal restaurant from the outside it takes you by surprise when you enter it for it is built inside an aquarium. Not only children, it offers a thrilling experience for adults as well by letting you dine with 4000 marine species. However, due to some  reasons it has currently been shut down.



Image result for 4)THE TIHAR FOOD COURT:

The biggest prison of Asia certainly does not seem like a place where one would want to eat. However, in Tihar Jail, located in Delhi, this is actually possible. Convicts are employed at as waiters and other staff here.They are very polite since it has been trained very well and the food is praiseworthy too. The food court in Tihar Jail is probably the most dangerous yet safe place to eat.



Image result for HIJACKK CAFE:

 You can trust the people of Ahmedabad to come up with the most interesting ideas. Being a first of its kind, this restaurant is actually located in a moving double-decker bus. You can relish the most delicious of food items as you marvel at the beauty that Ahmedabad is while taking a tour of the city. The tour lasts for an hour or two. Their tagline, “ When was the last time you did something for the first time?” appeals to those who seek excitement along with good food.

So head out to these amazingly and weirdly located restaurants now and break the monotony for what is life without a pinch of weirdness in it. Don’t forget to check out for the best offers on restaurants before you head out!



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