This Mother’s Day 2017, Let’s Celebrate Baap Ke Haath Ka Khaana (not read as: Baahar Ka Khana)!

This mother’s day, it’s almost inevitable to see a plethora of posts on all social media platforms ranging from taking a picture with your own mom to even taking pictures with somebody else’s mother and using hashtags like #Likemom #Happymothersday #missingmom and the very usual suspect #MaaKeHaathKaKhaana!

Now we all have grown up with our mothers cooking for us, no doubt they make the best food in the world. But why are all most of the top chefs in the world men?

Image result for funny pictures of men ooking

It’s because #BaapKeHaathKaKhaana also has a tremendous value which we have seemed to ignore through the ages!

This post isn’t to put down the way your mommy cooks, but rather to also appreciate the way your daddy cooks! I mean how many times have you heard people say “are yaar, baap ke haath ka khaana bahut yaad aa raha hai” (I miss my dad’s cooking a lot).

Image result for dads messing up in kitchen

Most men have a hidden chef in them which comes out like Hailey’s comet (before you google it, Hailey’s Comet is a comet that appears once in 76 years!) but, could this be because a woman doesn’t want to lose her place in the kitchen by giving it up for a man? Or it could also be the sheer fact that men are as lazy as Usain Bolt on a tranquilizer.

Gordon Ramsey, Vikas Khanna, Vir Sanghvi, and the entire battalion have themselves credited their success to Maa ke haath ka khaana! Why is it that we don’t relate food to fathers?

Image result for funny pictures of men ooking

More often than not, we all have three major memories of our dad cooking, as follows:

  1. The day he cooked so well, we devoured it, but, he never cooked again!

Image result for dads cooking

  1. The day he cooked so well, he almost set the entire house on fire (literally)

Related image


  1. The day he made a Doughnut which actually turned out to be a Medu Vada!

Image result for funny pictures of men ooking

So this mother’s day, it about time that men become the change, let the women in your household sit down and relax, let men cook a feast, and give everyone a reason to remember Baap Ke Haath Ka Khaana!

Still not motivated enough? Check out LittleApp for the best deals on mothers day! Oh and wish y’all a happy mothers day!

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