9 Ways To Surprise Your Mother For Mother’s Day 2017!

She loves you more than her life, she cries with you and laughs with you,  she stays up with you all night when you are studying, she worries about your health, she advises you, she is your confidante, she is your friend, your mentor and so much more. She is your mother. Nothing can match up to the unconditional love of your mother, those warm hugs and those endless nights when she sang lullabies to you.

You can never thank your mother enough for all this but you can always make her feel special. Mother’s Day is one such occasion when you can tell your mother how much you love her and appreciate everything she does for you.

Little App shows you 10 ways in which you can shower your love on your mother this mothers day 2017!


    Image result for dinner with mother

    This classic way has proved to be very effective. You can take your mother out for dinner to her favourite restaurant and treat her to some great food. In fact, it does not even have to be a fancy place you can gorge on street food with her as well or anything she wants to eat. Just a simple dinner at the right place can do wonders.


  • MOVIE:
    Image result for watching movie with mother

    You can take her for a movie outing and watch any latest movie with her, any movie she wants to watch. Also, you can watch a movie with her at home. Just make some popcorn, dim the lights, and  watch her favourite movie with her. Watching some Mother’s Day specials is a great idea too. For instance, Stepmom, Mother’s Day etc.


    Image result for playing with mother

    If you want to ditch the usual dinner and movie outings, you can do something else. You just plan a picnic in a park, either a family picnic or just you and your mother. You can also visit a monument or an amusement park. Going for a long drive is a great idea too. Just put on some music and head out for a drive, stopping by tea stalls and clicking selfies.


  • DAY OFF:
    Image result for mother relaxing

    She works every day without complaining, without any breaks. It is time you gave her a day off and take charge of the house. Start the day with breakfast in bed, then move on to cleaning, doing the dishes, doing the laundry cooking meals, everything. Do all the chores and let her relax and enjoy. It would be great if you take up the responsibility of one chore that you’ll do every day. Share her burden.


  • SPA:
    Image result for mother relaxing

    You don’t need a reason to got to a spa. However, Mother’s Day can be the perfect day to pamper your mother. Book an appointment for her at a nearby spa and let her rejuvenate. A relaxing massage, a nice facial, a hair spa is all she needs to leave her troubles behind, even if it is for a day.


    Image result for making gifts for mother

    There are thousands of DIY ideas on the internet. You can select one and make a gift for her at home. It can be a flower vase, a painted mug, a personalised photo frame, a picture scrapbook or even a simple card. Not only will it give a personal touch to the gifts but it will be cost effective too.


    Image result for cooking for mother

    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the way to a woman’s heart too is through her stomach. Be her personal chef this Mother’s Day. Cook her favourite dishes for her. If not that, you can look up a recipe on the internet and make something special like a Mother’s Day special cake. Just don’t burn down the kitchen.


    Image result for shopping with mother

    She is going to love you for this one. Taking your mother shopping is probably the best gift you can give her. Just let her shop. Take her to a mall or a flea market where she can bargain to her heart’s content, if she’s a Delhiite. But just don’t stop her from shopping that day. If she is not someone who likes to shop then you can buy something for her. Buy something she has been planning to buy for a very long time.


  • PARTY:
    Image result for mothers DAY PARTY

    Celebrations are not complete without parties. So a Mother’s Day party is a great idea. Invite her friends, your family and anybody you want to. Decorate the house, order some food, and play some games. To make it even better you can have a theme party.


So leave no stone unturned to make this Mother’s Day memorable for your mother. Let her know what she means to you through these ideas. Along with that do not forget to hug her and say thank you, and watch her face light up as you do that. LittleApp wishes everyone a happy mothers day!

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