We Bet You Didn’t Know That These 8 Indian Food Were Actually Aphrodisiacs!

The word aphrodisiac is enough to get someone’s attention. Mix that with food and you have the person thinking hard (pun intended) about the connection between the two words. Well, for those who don’t know the two words have had a relationship for centuries together now. Now, we know you’re excited to know what these foods are but before that we should know a little bit about the history of the whole thing.

Named after Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, an aphrodisiac substance is something that stimulates sexual desire in one after consumption. Food and beverages can be powerful stimulants for sexual desire. While oysters, lobsters or chocolate have been used as natural aphrodisiacs by Western societies for a long time, Indian cuisine too has its own set of such food items.
So ladies and gentlemen thank you for being patient. The wait is over.  So LittleApp brings to you 8 Indian food items you didn’t know were powerful aphrodisiacs.

  • Chillies

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This the favourite spice of Indians. We have to add it to everything we eat. If that wasn’t enough we make pickles out of it, and we even have a chilli flavoured ice cream. Chillies increase body temperature and as a result they increase the blood flow and circulation as well. Increase in heart rate, stimulated nerves and a red-pink blush-like outward appearance may be the reason for the success of chillies as aphrodisiacs. Well, that’s just what we need, another reason to add chilli to food. So while you can add them to your diet, control yourself and don’t gorge on them because chillies might be aphrodisiac but the ulcers you’ll get are a huge turn off.

  • Bananas

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We all have made jokes about the shape of bananas in school or college so don’t pretend you did not know this one. We all knew about this one. Bananas are considered to be aphrodisiacs due to their shape. Their very obviously phallic-like structure is the reason why they stimulate sexual desire. But while it was fine in school back then, it can be a problem in public places, now that you’re all grown up. So try and tame your thoughts because you really don’t want to seem creepy.

  • Cardamom

Image result for cardamom as aprodisiac

People with bad breath know about the benefits of cardamom. Cardamom has an identity of its own and one cannot mistake its fragrance for anything else. Most Indian desserts use cardamom-either as the core flavor of the dish or for garnishing. It is this sweet and strong fragrance that can arouse sexual desire in an individual. Also, it stimulates the nerves. You can’t gorge on chillis but this you can eat as much as you want. Jokes apart, don’t consume too much unless you want to smell like  pan masala.

4) Coconut water

Image result for coconut water as aprodisiac

This poor fellow never gets enough credit for its benefits. Coconut is like that member in a group project who does all the work and does not get any credit.  Few Indians living in different parts of the country may have missed tender coconut vendors on the side of the road. Every part of a coconut is utilized- including its husk, cream, flesh etc. But the most commonly consumed portion of a coconut remains the water. Coconut water increases metabolism which can improve your performance efficiency. So this might give coconut its due.

  • Coriander

Image result for corianderc as aprodisiac

While coriander leaves are popularly used for garnishing curries and pulao or in pakodas, there is yet another essential part of coriander plants that we use in our day to day lives. Mixed in a garam masala or sabji masala mix, it is hard to differentiate. However, its pungent smell will stand apart once you recognize it. I am talking about coriander seeds and their powder used popularly in curries or dals. They have the property of adding heat to food items which increases body temperature and blood flow automatically. No wonder it is the most overused ingredient.

  • Garlic

Related image

Just the thought of garlic and its pungent smell is enough to repel people. How can it be an aphrodisiac food ?  Before you get repulsed and think that garlic would be the biggest turn-off – think again. Garlic too is an aphrodisiac food. Well, the credit goes to the allicin in it. So it can really increase your libido, after you survive the smell. Seriously, good luck with this one.

7) Nutmeg

Image result for nutmeg as aprodisiac

Another unsung hero of the spice family. Yet another largely ignored yet imperative member of the Indian spice family is nutmeg. Nutmeg has been considered to be an aphrodisiac for centuries as it sweetens one’s breath thereby increasing one’s attractiveness. It’s time we gave nutmeg some recognition for its endless contributions as an aphrodisiac food.

8) Almonds

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Remember the days when your mom used to nag you about not eating enough dry fruits like almonds ? Well, after reading this you’ll pay heed to what she said. Used extensively as a base for rich curries and a garnishing for almost any Indian dessert, almonds have been considered as natural aphrodisiacs for centuries. It contains- zinc and selenium are important for efficient reproductive health. Who knew this little thing could do such wonders. Well, surely this proves size does not matter.

So these are a few items we use in our day to day lives in Indian food without realizing that they actually have aphrodisiac properties. Now you know what to include into your diet if you are ever looking for foods to perk up your libido! You can thank us later.

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