Broke Already? LittleApp Will PAY YOU To Eat Food And Relax!

The month is coming to an end and so is the routine of good food and tasty take out. The cash crunch is real and it is most definitely something to look out for if you are single and hungry for some really delicious food. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for all the smarty pants out there who have The LittleApp registered on their mobile devices.

We at The LittleApp believe in addressing the elephant in the room. The month end budget cuts, which is nothing less than having a crazed pachyderm chasing you around. Food is an essentiality and good food is a necessity. But the first thing you compromise on at the end of the month is your habit of ordering every time those hunger pangs strike. No more will that be tolerated because The Little app finally has a solution. We are launching the BROKE30 promo code. This one is a tribute to all the month end

LittleApp finally has a solution. We are launching the BROKE30 promo code. This one is a tribute to all the month end paupers out there. To every engineering student that by the 20th of the month is struggling to meet ends. Living on instant noodles and assorted smoke coming from vehicles and from other toxic origins. To all the party animals who have no understanding of the words savings, budget or common sense. And to all the hard workers at the offices who have crave for a mushroom ravioli after a hard day of work at the month end.

So let’s cut to the chase. What does The Little App provide you with, if you use this magical and almost Godly promo code? It’s simple, we will provide you with 30% cashback upto Rs. 300 on all deals available on our site or mobile application.

Yes, practically food that pays you back for eating it. How cool is that?!

Well when all is said and done. This promo code is nothing less than a blessing for the single guys and girls out there in those metropolitan cities. Trying hard to leave their mark on this cruel and cold world. And we at The Little App want to help all of you along the way. So what are you waiting for. Download the little app from the App Store or the Play Store, register and start ordering now. Remember Steve Jobs once said “Stay hungry and stay foolish”. We are here to help you with the hungry part.

P.S: This offer is valid only on 30th of May, Show us your love and we might have it next month too!

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