The Ultimate “Party Smart” Guide!

Throwing a party or attending one? LittleApp gives you some advice you might need for the night. Here are some suggestions that will help you and your party people be smart and safe.

1) Cross check the guests:

Image result for guestlist

If you’re the one throwing a party, only invite people you know. Fights break out and things get stolen when you don’t know your guests. If you’re going elsewhere make sure you know about the type of crowd attending. Avoid parties you haven’t been invited to. Even with the best of intentions by hosts and guest, an “open to all” kegger is a risky situation.

2) Know the law:

Image result for breaking law

Abide by laws regarding sanctions for alcohol/drug violations. Many think it’s cool to break laws because they have just one life. Yes you have one life. So why not make sure it is a long one.

3) Respect your neighbors :

Image result for pesky neighbour

There are three reasons for this. First, you have high chances of living besides them for a really long time and fights aren’t something you want. Second, they may call the cops. Really, cops are not the best guests at a party Third, if you’re not home and your neighbor sees someone hit your car or walk out of your house with your TV, they are more likely to help you if they like you. You may need your neighbor someday. Don’t burn that bridge.

4) Clean up what you mess up:

Image result for clean up after party

Clean up what you mess up. You wouldn’t want to stick around a dirty house on the next day when your senses come flying in!

5) Try going all sober:

Image result for enter party sober

How about not getting high and making memories you’ll remember for a long long time? Amazing right! If you and your friends are set on having a crazy night, it only makes sense to have someone there with their wits about them. You can still drive safe and be ready for emergency.

6) Making new friends:

Image result for make new friends at party

The more people you don’t know at your party, the greater potential for bad things to happen. Keeping the guest list small and putting up fences cuts down on the number of randoms who will come into your party and steal your DVDs and other stuff. Also be careful about who you socialise with. Don’t trust someone only because they’re charming.

7) Food and Drinks:

Image result for food and drink at aparty

Feed your guests enough because honestly, they’re there just for food. No one cares too much about socialising unless food is promised. Have options for all. Serve some heavy snacks that stay in the stomach much longer so that you don’t you can opt for a smaller menu.

8) Entertainment:  

Image result for music at a diso

If you want to save your social life then entertain the guests with music, dancing, games, and good conversation. Inviting people to a dull party is an unpardonable sin. Don’t take that upon your soul. 

 9) Safety check:

Image result for safety at a party

The safety of your guests should be your top priority. Your house, your rules. Never allow anyone on the roof or a balcony. Don’t light candles if there is going to be drinking. Never allow anyone to drive home intoxicated. Ever.

10) Don’t go overboard:

Image result for neighbour interrupting during party

Attend with a friend and take care of each other. Don’t do anything crazy. Remember how easy it is to wind up on the internet. You don’t want to be the next scandal on Youtube.  These are suggestions to help reduce the chance that you will be hurt, arrested or experience wildly embarrasses.

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