5 Restaurants In Bangalore To Impress Your Date!

Going on a date? Along with pleasing your special someone for just those few hours, you want to make sure that you’re creating one helluva lasting impression on  this extraordinary person! Bangalore has turned to be a city of technology and a city of dreams, in the last few decades, but this city has a lot more to offer in terms of strengthening and improving your web of relationships! Many of the world’s iconic restaurant chains have their little niche in Bangalore. What more do you need? Studies have also shown that chain restaurants impress many because of higher chances of familiarity. Trying something new is not bad either! Here’s a list of 5 restaurants in Bangalore by the Little app that are sure to make their mark on the mind of your special one.

California Pizza Kitchen:

California Pizza Kitchen in phoenix-marketcity-mall,Bangalore

Walk into any of the CPK restaurants and experience amazingly authentic American-style cuisine.  You should try the innovative pizzas, distinctive pastas, salads, soups, appetizers and desserts. This place never fails to impress the tongues of its food devourers.



Skylit - Citrus Cunningham in cunningham-road,Bangalore

Skylit, situated on the rooftop of the citrus restaurant chain, takes the place to a whole other level. The exquisite taste of light food gives you a feeling of home, mixed with its luxurious setup over terrace & great music to set the mood. This place really makes an amazing, pleasure filled romantic date venue. Must go here late night food as well. I try them every time I am coming late from Airport.



Cirrus in indiranagar,Bangalore

A hub of social life and the center for many prominent occasions, this place is always lit with a beautiful ambiance that has an aura of its own! Great DJs and amazing music choice keeps the place dynamic and fun filled. A date here is sure to be enjoyable!



Troika in indiranagar,Bangalore

Fire, Water, Air – at the coming together of these forces is where Troika emerges. Troika, Bangalore’s newest address, houses a perfect blend of spirits, food, and an open sky. Indulge your senses in our extensive array of beverages and an exquisite spread of global cuisine. It’s the perfect place for your perfect date!

Sigree Global Grill Sigree Global Grill in kammanahalli,Bangalore

Sigree Global Grill is a perfect treat for anyone craving some authentic North Indian food. Located in Kalyan Nagar, this restaurant has a flawless ambience with nice lighting and spacious sitting area.  Known primarily for its buffets, this place has a lavish spread of dishes in both lunch and dinner menus. Their dishes are absolutely delicious and will take your taste buds for a run right from the starters to the desserts.

These above restaurants are waiting for you to go and book your date for a fabulous experience! Make sure to enjoy every bit of what you feel while you eat! Don’t forget to check out Little app.in before you head out

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