7 Unique Ways to Show Your Father How Much You Love Him This Father’s Day

Fathers make life special in their own different way. While most of them do not express their love for you that openly, they do show it in little gestures. So this father’s day, make an effort to show him that you notice all of it and that you’re grateful to him.

Littleapp shows you a few ways how you can do that:

1) Dinner:

Show your father how grown up you are by treating him to a great meal. Take him out for dinner to his favourite restaurant and let him order all he wants.

2) Bike Ride:

Image result for motorbikebike ride with dad

As bachelors everyone has a dream of going on perfect long bike rides. So find out what bike your dad has always fancied, rent it or borrow it and go on a bike ride with him making his bachelor fantasy come true.

3) Buy him a retirement plan:

Image result for happy dad

Everyone dreams of a perfectly peaceful life that starts after retirement when they don’t have to worry about the hassles of work. Your dad dreams of it too. So make this dream a reality by buying a retirement plan for him.


5) Play a sport:

Image result for cricket with dad

Pick a sport of your dad’s choice and play with him. It can be a football match or a game of chess or anything else. If you beat him, then he’ll be one proud father because nothing cheers up parents like watching their children get better than them.


6) Buy him a drink:

Most of the fathers love the occasional drink in evenings. So how about you buy a him a drink of the brand he prefers ? It is better of he shares it with you.


7) Get Together:

Image result for with school friends

Take him back to his bachelor days. Contact all his college/school friends and plan a get together for him. Make him relive those moments of youth because nothing is better than going down the memory lane with your friends.


8) Take him for an Outing:

Image result for dad outing

Taking a break from the mundane city life you can take your father on trip to the hills or do something adventurous like camping under the stars. Get talking about life with him in the lap of nature.

With these ways you can make father’s day an experience worth remembering for your dad. After all he does for you this is the least you can do for him.

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