10 Must Try Dishes This Eid 2017 And #4 Is A Must Have!

Well Eid is round the corner and all those mouth-watering dishes have been on everybody’s mind for quite some time now. Everybody is excited about eating that special kheer and hogging that oh so very tasty biriyani. From something spicy to something sweet,.

But have you wondered what do people crave for around the world for Eid? Here is a special list of the top 10 dishes made around the world during Eid by Littleapp:


  • Kheer:

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This creamy and milky delicacy, also known as Sheer Khurma is from toasted vermicelli, clarified butter, milk and a lot of sugar. It is garnished/topped with dates and other dry fruits. This dish is absolutely heavenly and is popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.


  • Bolani:

Image result for Bolani:

Bolani is a dish specific to Afghanistan. It’s basically bread stuffed with leafy greens, potatoes or lentils. This savory dish is absolutely mouth-watering to look and has a sight semblance to the Indian Aaloo ka Paratha  ( Which is bread stuffed with a potato based stuffing and fried using clarified butter or vegetable oil)


  • Butter Cookies:

Image result for eid cookies

We tend to call them butter cookies and that is exactly how close we can get to describing this particular delicacy. The Palestinians call them Graybeh and add either pine nuts or almonds in the mix. In Lebanon, they are called Mamoul and usually use walnuts or dates. Iraq is also known for its Klaicha, while Egypt is very biased towards  a similar cookie, called the Kahk, filled with honey-based stuffing.


  • Biriyani:

Image result for eid biryani

Oh how can we not talk about Biriyani especially when the subject in question is Eid. This divine combination of flavored rice and meat which is made by cooking the rice and the curry together in a vessel which is subjected to heat and pressure. The end result is one of the tastiest dishes to ever grace up with its existence.  This dish is very well known in India and The UK. Making it synonymous to Eid in these areas.


  • Aseeda:

Image result for Aseeda:

This jelly like dish hails from Yemen and looks similar to the very same donuts that everyone everywhere adores. This dish is primarily made with wheat and is a definite special that fits in with the traditional Sudanese festivities.


  • You Xiang

Image result for You Xiang

You Xiang is yet another tasty dish made during Eid. This dish is prominent part of the festivities in China. With people eating You Xiang once the return home after visiting their relatives and elders. It is often served with soup or rice. Also it has a lot of rituals pertaining it’s preparation and consumption.


  • Manti:

Image result for Manti:

Although the Russians are not known for their cooking but this specific dish will blow your mind away. Manti is basically stuffed dumplings with are mouth-wateringly delicious. The dumpling are usually stuffed work seasoned beef or lamb.


  • Rendang

Image result for Rendang

Rendang, also known as Hari Raya in Malaysia is one of the most popular dishes during Eid in that region. This spicy coconut gravy with beef at its epicenter is absolutely delicious and it will blow your mind away.


  • Lapis Legit

Image result for Lapis Legit

Lapis Legit is one of the most difficult and time consuming dishes to make just because of the hundreds and hundreds of layers it incorporates. Each layer is made from poured and broiled batter which is them assembled together. It’s derived from the Dutch influence on Indonesia.


  • Laasida and Tangine:

Related image

Laasida and Tangine are dishes that act as a duo in Morocco. Laasida is cooked in the morning and consumed as breakfast. It looks very similar to rice pudding but consists of Couscous, butter, honey and seasoning. Tagine on the other hand is usually made of chicken. But during Eid it’s not uncommon for it to be made of beef or dry fruits.

There you have it. Some of the most tastiest dishes from around the world that are cooked during Eid. Do try making one of them this time for your family and for all your friends. Well, there is nothing else left to say except for Eid Mubarak.

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