Find Out The Truth This World Chocolate Day!

Is it somebody’s birthday ? Gift a chocolate. Are you feeling low ? Have a chocolate. Do you want something to munch on ? Eat a chocolate. Be it any day, chocolate always makes it better. Apart from being such a wonderful partner at all these occasions, it adds essence to life by giving flavour to various food items. Ice creams, pastries, cakes, milkshakes, chocolate adds taste to everything.

So something that is relished all over the world surely deserves a day of its own. Chocolate is a blessing to mankind and this should be celebrated. So 7th July is officially World Chocolate Day.

The benefits of chocolate don’t end here. There are many more. For instance, it has high levels of antioxidants, it prevents cognitive decline and maintains cholesterol too. But most of you already know this. What you might be unaware of is the painstaking procedure of making this delicious thing.

The hands that provide you with the finest chocolate are bruised by toiling day and night in cocoa plantations.

Image result for sad cocoa farm workers in ghana

While the prices and consumption of chocolate are increasing day by day, the condition of the impoverished cocoa planters in poor countries like Ghana is deteriorating. The government controlled process of cocoa production allows very less share of the sales prices to flow back into the pockets of these poor farmers. To add to this,small plots of land, and low yielding cocoa trees make their conditions worse. Also, the youth in these countries doesn’t invest its time in working on cocoa plantations since it is not profitable. Therefore, most of the cocoa planters are aged and not as efficient. Caught in this vicious cycle, the cocoa planters struggle to make it through each day. While they bring taste to the meals of children all over the world their own children sleep empty stomach. So out of the big amount you pay for those expensive chocolates, a very meagre portion trickles down to these impoverished souls. infact so many of them have never even tasted chocolate.

Image result for sad cocoa farm workers in ghana

Such a beautiful creation can have such a dark and painful background. Something that can bring smile to one person’s face can be the reason of someone else’s tears. Ironic, isn’t it ?

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