5 Emerging Food Trends In 2017 We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Food is not just an essentiality in the present day. It is a symbol of class, a style statement and an entire cult has formed under the banner name of Foodies. With so many delicacies floating around the world wide web and so many more travelling through word of mouth. There is a dire need to understand and dissect the emerging trends of food and all the maddening new cuisines that seen to pop out like an outlet of KFC or McDonald’s. Littleapp brings to you a list of trends that are most evident at the moment.

Goth Food

Image result for goth food

The Goths are never really happy with anything mediocre/normal. With no sense of understanding of the term called middle ground. The Goth community has come up with its own version of food. Something that doesn’t look all that appealing but tastes like it is made to bewitch you with some ancient magic that is meant to create the euphoria felt in Heaven and this is no exaggeration. From black burger buns to black ice-cream made out of coconut ash, they have it all. And it is all absolutely and breathtakingly tasty. Also let’s not forget the black Sushi rice and the black hotdog buns.

Street Food in Fine Dining Restaurants:

Image result for deconstructed samosa
Everybody knows that Street food is meant to enjoyed in the dingy corners of your favourite hangout spot. Where you and your friends can gorge on some tasty pani puri, vada pav or even the occasional hotdog. But not anymore. The fine dining restaurants have taken over the street food cuisine and boy have they done wonders with it! From some of the most elegant pani puri to a vada pav that looks like it was given a make by the lakme salon, they have it all.

Veggies in Desserts:

Image result for Veggies in Desserts:

This is how bizarre things can get. The creative chefs of this world have just crossed the line and tried to make Desserts healthy. A perfect example would be Chocolate Cake served with Fried Onions. As horrid as this sounds, Veggies with Desserts are probably the best combination this twisted world could ever throw our way. The balance between sweet and savoury is tastiest thing you’ll ever taste.

Liquid Nitrogen:

Image result for liquid nitrogen ice cream

All you need is a little liquid nitrogen (-320°F), some creamy ingredients, and an appetite for exploring the science of food. Liquid nitrogen has now taken over the gastronomical scene. Many have introduced this into drinks, ice cream etc.

But be careful, drinking liquid nitrogen directly can cause death!

Meat Analogue:

Image result for Meat Analogue:
Also well known as mock meat. This comes as a savior to many vegetarians as mock meat served across many places are said to have tasted very close to the original. How cool is that? Have you tried any yet?

Veg Biryani:

Image result for vwg biryani okes


No offence, but this one is just for laughs! Veg. biryani? Really?


So there you have it, some of the trends that are dominating the food industry at the moment. So sharpen your forks, shine your spoons and brace your taste buds for an explosion a mouthwatering mix of calories and cuisines. Now that you’re all ready to go out and try some of these, don’t forget to check Littleapp.in before you head out!

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  1. There is a dire need to understand and dissect the emerging trends of food and all the maddening.


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